YouTube Marketing

What is YouTube, How to setup up a successful Campaign?

YouTube Marketing is the most effective way to reach our target audience and generate leads.

Benefits of YouTube:

  • More than 1 Billion unique users visit YouTube.
  • If we integrate video in our website it increases conversion rate and time spent by the user.
  • We can build a brand using YouTube.
  • In long term, we can able to earn money from YouTube also.

 YouTube Marketing Strategy:

  • Analyze the business and target users to plan the content.
  • We can create videos on following contents.

Eg: Web Trainings:

  1. Basic Tutorials on our subject
  2. Tips and Tricks
  3. About Company (Faculty, reviews, placements showcase)
  4. Career Guidance
  5. Internship
  6. Books review

Create Channel

Path: Account à YouTube à Settings

  • Channel Art: The banner which we use on YouTube is customized for mobile, desktop and television.

Download channel art template, which is auto customizable for devices (2560×1440)

  • Profile photo: Minimum 250×250 px
  • Channel description: Ad the relevant description which consists of your target keywords.

Note: To get a custom URL we have to fulfill the following conditions.

  1. Channel Art and profile must be uploaded
  2. Channel must be 30 days old
  • Channel must have minimum 100 subscribers

Note: By default we can only upload a video of 15 minutes, to remove this limitation we have to verify phone number (Max video length is 13 hours & 128GB)

 Types of content:

  • Live video
  • Webinar format (Eg: Goto Webinar)
  • Animated video (

YouTube Video Optimization

  • Keyword Research: Before we upload a video we have to understand what are the keywords used by a customer so that we can optimize our videos for those keywords.
  • Using auto-suggestion in YouTube we can able to research about various keywords.
  • From the given suggestion we have to filter into different categories.

In the start of the video, it is very essential to use the keywords for which we are targeting our video.

We have 4 types of video levels:

  • Public
  • Unlisted (No visible in search or channel but can be viewed if you have a link)
  • Private (Only person with email access (Owner of the account) can see the video)
  • Scheduled

Optimize the video to load quickly using a compression Tool

  • Handbrake (b) Aiseesoft convert

Rename the file as per your target keyword

  • Title: It is the most crucial element of YouTube Optimization, in this, we have to use the combination of target keywords.
  • Description: (Limit 5000 characters)

Short link: Repeat title (Just after the link)

Description: 200-300 words

Subscribe Channel

Follow us on Social: FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc.


  • Use other relevant keywords, so that we can rank for those keywords also.
  • Use default feature to minimize the time.

Tags: Use all the relevant tags to your video it will help in YouTube ranking and related videos ranking.

Always use the brand name in Tags.

Thumbnail: Size 1000×1000 (Picture and Large Text)

Advance Settings:

Allow comments: Approved

Category: Select category properly

Disable Video Statics

Path: Settings à Creator Studio

Play List: It is a collection of different video arranged in a proper format for easy user access.

Path: Video Management à Play List

Engagement Matrix

Positive Reactions:

Negative Reactions:



Watch Time  (The time spent by the user)

Low watch time




Copyrights claims



Add to Playlist/Watch Later




Audience retention



Playback Location: This report shows where the user has watched our video.

Note: Traffic sources: In this report, we can find out from where we have generated the traffic for the video


Editing Features in Videos:


Audio: Stock free audio

EndScreen & Annotation: To displays our other videos or subscriptions option when the video ends.

Annotation: Disable now, as they are not supported mobile devices.

Cards: A Small (i) icon will be displayed on the top right and few options will be shown under this section.

It is always recommended to reply to comments which we received on our channel.

Community: We have the option of replying.

Upload Defaults: We can save certain comments setting which will automatically apply to all videos.

Path: Channel à Upload defaults

Branding: Our logo can be displayed on the bottom right side in all videos (200×200 px)


YouTube Monetization

  • We can make money with YouTube partner program
  • Your Channel will be eligible for 10,000 subscriptions.
  • The factors which we have to consider before starting our Ads on YouTube
    1. Your passion
    2. Find out any channels available with the same
    3. Find out the possibility of Ads by analyzing the keyword data of the Ads.
  • We have to work on YouTube for minimum 3 months to see good result.

Apart from Ad revenue, we can earn, using:

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Sponsored Placements
  3. Promoting our business