Video Ads

What is Video Ads, How to setup up a successful Campaign?

In this campaign, our goal is to advertise our services, especially on YouTube.

We can advertise on YouTube with the following method
1) Direct Ads (Search)
2) In-stream Ads (Display)

Path: +Campaign–>Video
i) Standard
ii) Shopping
3) Bumper Ads (It’s a 6-second video without Skip option)

Two types of bidding:
1) CPV = Cost per view
2) CPM = Bumper Ads

1) YouTube Search
2) YouTube videos
3) Video Partners on the display network
Certain companies in display network also publish video content in those videos our ad will be displayed.

Frequency Capping
In-stream Ads details:
• If the video is less than 30 seconds there will be a skip button
• If the videos are greater than 30 seconds we have to pay CPV if the user watches up to 30 seconds
• If the user skips the video or watches less than 30 seconds then no CPV.
• The optional size of video Ads is 30-to-60 seconds

Companion banner
When the video is skipped the other videos are shown as companion banner
Targeting Strategy:
Similar to display network targeting user have all the options to target user on YouTube.
For discovery Ads, we use mainly keyword target whereas in-stream we can use all other option.

1) Shared Budget:
We can create 1 budget and share it between multiple campaigns.
The main benefit of this feature is we will get the maximum number of uses as per market demand.
Path: Shared Library  Budget  +Budget

2) Business Data:
For large companies, they can use this option to automate the Ad format.
i) Ad customizer data
ii) Dynamic display Ad feed
iii) Location targeting feed
iv) Page feed (Useful for DSA campaign with page feed option, we can select only those URL’s which we want to use in DSA campaign.

Bulk Operation: In this section, we see all the changes which were done in the account, Automated and bulk,
Billing options: We have two types of payment.
1) Manual (NetBanking/Credit Card) Prepaid
2) Auto (Credit Card) Postpaid
3) Invoice Billing (For very large clients)