Shopping Ads

What is Shopping Ads, How to setup up a successful Campaign?

1) This campaign is very effective for eCommerce companies.
2) CPC is less than normal text ads.
3) Everything is automated & as per the website products, the ads are customized.
4) Ads are more visually appealing compared to PPC ads.
5) Shopping ads are now available in YouTube.

To Create successful shopping campaign we have to follow 2 steps.
1) Create data feed in Google merchant center
2) Create a campaign in AdWords.–>Sign up

We have to verify & claim our site by uploading our file on our server.
Note: We cannot promote affiliate products.

Data Feed
All the information required for Ads is submitted using a feed.
It consists of certain mandatory properties and certain optional properties.

We can submit our data feeds 4 ways.
Path: Products –> Feeds –>+
1) Google Sheets –> Manual
2) Schedule Fetch –>Auto (Developer required)
3) Upload–>Manual
4) Content API–>Auto (Developer required)

Data Feed Properties:
1) ID: Unique Identifier
2) Title: Product name (It must have target keyword)
3) Description:
4) Link:
5) Condition: New / Used (Old) / Refurbished
6) Price:
7) Availability: In Stock / Out of Stock / Pre-order
8) Image Link:
9) GTIN: Global Trade Identification number
10) MPN: Manufacturer part number
11) Brand:
12) Google Product Category:

Account Linking:
We have to connect our merchant account with Google AdWords
Path: Settings–>Account Linking

Step-2: Creating a campaign
Path: +Campaign–>Shopping Ads

Note: Make sure to exclude the locations, where you don’t deliver.
Note: We start with one product group & later separate multiple AdGroup, for each category.