Tips & Techniques for Online Reputation Management ORM

Online Reputation Management, ORM, Digital Marketing Factors,

It is a strategy to develop the brand reputation by increasing the positive elements of the brand, also monitor the negative and remove the negatives.

Why we need ORM?

• 82% of the people trust online reviews
• 78% of the users have revealed they make buying decision-based on review
• 25% of the review in most of the business is fake
• Brand reputation works as social proof for future growth

Focus areas of ORM

• Search Engines
• Review
• Complain Sites/Website
• Social Media

Search Engine

Auto-suggestion (query results)
In auto-suggestion, if negative queries are shown it will hurt the brand reputation (Eg: isttm  fake college)

• Based on the volume of searches auto-suggestion are created
• Based on the anchor text of backlink auto-suggestions are created.

• Artificial increase the volume good queries.
• Increase positive anchor text to the brand
• Minimum time required 3 to 6 months

Similar to auto-suggestion we also have related searches issues.
Search Engine Result Page (SERP)
If any negative result shown in the search results it is going harm our reputation

• Make sure your brand website will appear in the top position
• Create social media profiles on all popular networks
• Create brand pages on 3rd party blog sites.

• For any brand, review management is very crucial to its success
• Reviews act as a social proof for the customer

The 2 most crucial sources of reviews are;
1) Google+ reviews
2) Facebook reviews

It is also recommended for local companies to get reviews: JustDial, Sulekha, MouthShut etc.
Industrial – eCommerce: flipkart, and Amazon products reviews.
Travels: TripAdvisor
Hotels & Restaurants: Zamato, Oyo Rooms
• Offer the service as per the promised contract
• Request your customer regularly to write a review of your product
• If we get negative reviews, try to respond in a positive way, to minimize the effort of negative reviews
• It is recommended to respond to each review, whether positive or negative
• Some companies register website like abc.review.com, abc-reviews.com etc. & rank them in the top position.

Complaints Management
• The customer will first try to solve the problem by discussing with the company, If it is not resolved them he chooses to complaints.
• Find out top complaints website in the target country
• Register your company on each of this websites
o Myshikayat.com
o Consumercomplaints.in
o Consumerforums.in
o iComplains.in

• With the proper resolution, we can able to solve the problem of complaint
• Whenever buying a product, search for “brand+reviews” keywords “brand+complains”

Social Media
In social media, the following network is very critical in ORM: Facebook, Twitter, Quora
In all the network scan for your brand name and find out any negative against your brand
If anything is negative, resolve the issue on priority.