Mobile App Ads

What is Mobile App Ads, How to setup up a successful Campaign?

The Purpose of mobile marketing is to attract the customers using mobile phones, our goal will be to generate leads and make our app installation by users. Digital Marketing Factors will give you good tips, techniques and factors to run a successful campaign.

1) App Installation Campaign: The campaign under search network only has been disabled by Google so we have to use universal app campaign.

Universal App campaign:
With this single campaign, our ad can be shown search, display & YouTube.
i) To get more installations – Get news users for your app
ii) To get more conversation – Get new users who are …….
By default, all Android app installs are counted as conversations.

Mobile App engagements campaign:
This campaign will target only those users who already have your app.
It’s only for Android users.
Ads in mobile app: Earlier with this campaign, we can able to show our company Ads inside mobile apps.
This feature is now shifted to display network only with devices targeting option.
Note: This Ad can be used by companies who want to promote their website or mobile App.

Path: App/Digital Content Ads
1) App installation Ad
2) Image App install Ad

App Optimization Service
The purpose of App optimization is improving the ranking of App in Play Store/App Store as well as in Google Search results.
1) Give the name of the app as per your target keyword. (Eg: “Flipkart online shopping App)
2) In the content, we have to use content optimization strategies to include our target keywords.
3) Get as many reviews as possible with positive content keywords.
4) We have to build backlinks to the page URL of our App.