LinkedIn Marketing

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Tips and Techniques for LinkedIn Marketing.

  • Every company must have a LinkedIn page to provide latest updates to their customers.
  • A Business page is also required for promotion of Ads.

Digital Marketing Factors will give you good tips, techniques and factors to run a successful campaign

Benefits of LinkedIn

  1. To build our professional profile so that anyone can verify our credentials
  2. To build a professional network
  • To do B2B marketing

LinkedIn Profile:

Name: By using a keyword in our name we can rank better in the search result

Professional Headlines: It defines your main tagline or your industry keywords (length 120 characters (Eg: Digital marketing specialist (Looking for a job)

Professional Summary: In this, we have to write our self which explains about us clearly

There will be an option for adding certifications in this section we can add.

  • Advance Digital Marketing Certification from Web Trainings Academy
  • And other certificates
  • If you have any experience, it is recommended to mention it with proper details.

Skill and Endorsements:

  • We can add up to 50 skills
  • Our connections can give endorsements for those skills
  • The more endorsements we get from our connections it will help us to generate more values.

Recommendations: It will improve your personal brandings as it works as social proof.

Note: Give a recommendation to professional people in your network, this will help in getting back the recommendation from them.

Follow: Follow different companies & influencers in your industries for latest updates.

Group: Join different LinkedIn groups relevant to your industry to build good connections.

Note: Edit your profile URL as per your name – This URL has to be mention in your resume

Profile photo size: 600×600 px

Building Connections:

  • Invite all your contacts to LinkedIn depending on different details added to our profile we will get a suggestion on LinkedIn
  • Do promotion of your LinkedIn account from other social networks and email signature.

Post ideas for LinkedIn:

  • Success stories
  • Industry updates
  • Links to learning resources
  • Stories
  • Business management & Personal management tips

LinkedIn Ads:

  • It is used by most of the B2B (Business-to-business) companies to generate leads for business.
  • It is expensive compared to other marketing channels but we can generate the ROI (Return on Investment)

Path: Work à Advertise àManage Ads

Types of Campaign:

  • Sponsor content
  • Text Ads
  • Sponsor inMail

Creating a campaign

  • We can send customer directly to our website or use lead generation form for quick results.
  • We can create a sponsored content to promote our Ad.
  • Our ad can also be shown in advertising networks of LinkedIn.

Bid Strategy:

Generally, we have 2 types of Bid strategy. (i) CPC             (ii) CPM

Minimum budget 10$ (daily) CPC

Instead of a monthly budget, we have a total budget for the campaign (minimum 25$)

Conversion Tracking: Path: Account Assets à Conversion Tracking

We have to create a new conversion tracking and add a tracking code to the Thank you Page.

Remarketing Tag: Path: Account Assets à Insight Tag

  • This code has to be copied in which you want to track the audience and domain name has to be entered on the right-hand side.

We can also retarget audience based on the email list.