Google AdWords

What is Google AdWords? How does it work?

Paid Advertising: In paid advertising, we have 2 strategies
1) Direct Marketing
a. PPC Ads
b. Shopping Ads
c. Mobile Marketing
2) Branding
a. Display Ads
b. Remarketing
c. YouTube Marketing
d. Mobile Marketing

Payment Methods
i) CPC = Cost Per Click
ii) CPM = Cost Per Milli (Thousand Impressions)
iii) CPV = Cost Per View

Top Advertising Platforms
1) Google AdWords
2) Bing Ads (Bing+Yahoo)
3) Facebook Ads
4) Double Click by Google
To work in double click ads we have to learn DFA/DFP (Double for Advertising/Double For Advertising Publisher)


Account Setup

Skip the Guided Setup (It’s very important to do that)

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  • Country, Time & Currency Cannot be change after creating Account.
  • By changing the currency to USD, we can save 18% GST.

AdWords Account Structure

Google AdWords account structure, Google AdWords Campaigns, AdWords AdGroup, AdWords Keywords