Display Network only

Google AdWords – Display Network only campaign is very effective in Paid Advertising.

Display Ads are the main source of branding on the internet.
We can able to reach our target users very effectively.
The cost of acquisition of a customer is very low compared to PCC.

Path: +Campaign–>Display Network only

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Google AdWords – Display Network Only campaign, Paid Advertising, PPC

Bid strategy: Viewable CPM
CPM: Cost per thousand impressions.
Min CPM = Rs. 1/-

Note: Viewable CPM cost is 50% – 60% more.
Advance Setting:
Frequency Capping: Number of times a particular user can see the Ad.

Display Keywords: (Contextual targeting)
Show Ads on sites related to your keywords.
Interest Targeting: Based on the individual customer Ads will be customized to that user.
Interest is divided into two types:
1) Affinity Audience: Reach customers in large numbers based on their long-term interests.
2) In-Market Audience: Reach shoppers actively researching and comparing products and services like yours.

Topics Targeting: Show ads on specific websites App, videos, based on a specific topic.
Placements Targeting: We can target the exact websites we want to show our Ads.
Display Plumber Tool: With this tool, we can able to research website, Apps, Video sites where our ads can be displayed.
Path: Tools–>Display Planner.
Demographics: To target by age and gender.

Display Network Exclusion Concepts
We can exclude certain website or topics based on our relevance of the subject.
Blocking mobile app related Ads:
Ad the following websites as an exclusion – adsenseformobileapps.com
Path: –>Placements–>Exclusion.

Path: Summary–>Site Category option.

Site Category option: This option is used to block a general category of sites of Apps.

Types of Placements:
1) Parked Domains: Websites created with the wrong name only for the purpose of Ads.
(.) Parked domain (Disable)
2) In-Game: It will disable ads in games (Disable)
3) Experimental: GMob mobile app non-interstitial (Disable)
4) Ad Location: below –the –fold: If you want to disable the ads below the fold, disable this option.

We have two types of Ads:
1) Text Ad (CPC)
2) Display Ads (CPM)

1) Responsive Ad
2) Image Ad: (JPG, PNG, GIF, Animated)
3) Ad Gallery: Is consist of a pre-defined format of Ads (now has responsive ad format)
4) App/digital content Ad.
Note: Any Ad under review for minimum 1 day.

Square and rectangle
200×200 – Small Square
240×400 – Vertical Rectangle
250×250 – Square
250×360 – Triple Widescreen
300×250 – Inline Rectangle
336×280 – Large Rectangle
580×400 – Netboard

120×600 – Skyscraper
160×600 – Wide Skyscraper
300×600 – Half-Page Ad
300×1050 – Portrait

468×60 – Banner
728×90 – Leaderboard
930×180 – Top Banner
970×90 – Large Leaderboard
970×250 – Billboard
980×120 – Panorama

300×50 – Mobile Banner
320×50 – Mobile Banner
320×100 – Large Mobile Banner

Similar to PPC conversion we can track the conversions via display network.
View Though Conversion: It is a conversion on display network which can happen even if users don’t click on the ad.
In an ad auction, if CPC & CPM compete together then Google convert CPC into effective CPM and then calculate the price.
Note: In display network importance is given to relevancy of the website & content of the page.